Thaizzle’s Privacy policy

1. Introduction to privacy policy

1.1 Thaizzle (The Company) takes your personal information very seriously. The Company will comply with the privacy laws as applicable to the Company. 

1.2 During the service or access to the Company's Platform (as defined inTerms of service .) The Company collects information including your personal information.

1.3 The storage of the company's data collected and obtained during the provision or access to the Platform to you. The Company will collect, use and disclose privacy information in accordance with this Privacy Policy only.

1.4. It is important for you to read this Privacy Policy with other applicable policies, including the terms specifically stated by the Company in regard to the collection and storage of your privacy information and to let customers know how the company collects information and how your personal information is used.

1.5. Clicking or pressing or checking the "Registration" message, "I agree to Thaizzle’s privacy policy" or similar messages on the Thaizzle’s registration service page, constitutes that customer agrees to be notified and understands this Privacy Policy with any other applicable policies, including the terms and conditions specified by the Company, and customer agrees to store and process the privacy information described and under these terms.

1.6. The Company may change this Privacy Policy with other applicable policies, including the conditions specified by the Company from time to time, any changes made by the Company will be made to the Company to declare on the page or any appropriate elsewhere, or notify the Customer in e-mail while the Customer uses the Service to access the Platform or access the service, including the order on the flat form, as a acknowledgement and acceptance of any changes made by the Company to make changes to this Privacy Policy. Please check your email address for any changes or modifications to this Privacy Policy. 

1.7 The Privacy Policy applies to other notices, contractual clauses and consent statements relating to the collection of usage and disclosure of information for your privacy information to the Company, and will not be cancelled until otherwise specified by the Company.

1.8. You can visit the platform and browse without specifying personal details. However, you must sign up for an account if you want to use the services. If you have any comments, suggestions or complaints relating to your personal information. Please contact the Company's information officer via the website page.  

2. Personal information collected by the Company from you

2.1. Privacy Information means  any information, whether recorded in the form of document information , in which the identity of the person is clear or reasonably identifiable by the holder of the information or when it is directly and indirectly compatible with other information.

2.2 The Company will collect the following information from you:  

2.2.1) Personally, such as your name, gender, date of birth.  

2.2.2) E-mail and phone number.  

2.2.3) Account information, such as bank account and payment details. 

2.2.4) Transaction information, for example is details about payments from you and the details of the use of the Services with the Company and the purchase details of goods and services you have purchased from vendors and service providers.

*Note* You understand that trading goods and services and payments between you and the seller of goods and services is a matter between you and the seller of goods and services directly, not related to the Company.

2.2.5) Technical information, for example, the number used to identify the computer connected to the network (IP). System access information, browser Type and Version set the connection time and location and the type of browser used to connect. Operating systems and other platforms and technologies on the device you use to access the platform.

2.2.6) Personal information,  such as usernames and passwords, interests, settings, responses, and survey responses. 

2.2.7) Usage information,  such as access information, interests and use of your platform. Other products and services .

2.2.8) Marketing and communication information such as satisfaction of receiving marketing information from the Company and third party information. Vendors of goods and services that advertise with the Company and the satisfaction of communication and use of the services.

2.3. During your use of the Platform and any services, the Company receives personal information from you in the following cases:   

2.3.1) When you create an account with the Company.

2.3.2) When you access the form and functionality that appears on the Company's platforms and other services. 

2.3.3) When you subscribe to the Company's advertising or marketing collateral.


2.4. You must submit personal information that is accurate and non-deceptive, and you will provide the latest information and notify you when the information is changed.   The Company has the right to request that you submit the documents to confirm your personal information. as part of the Company's customer review process.

2.5. The Company will keep your privacy information. When you voluntarily agree to submit privacy information to the Company, but if you choose not to hand over the privacy information to the Company or subsequently revoke the company's consent to use your privacy information, you may not be able to use the Privacy Information and not allowed to use the Company's services or access the Platform.

2.6. You may log in and update personal information and send it to the Company at any time as described below.

2.7. If you provide any third party personal information to the Company. You represent and warrant that you obtain the consent of a third party to whom you have shared and delivered personal information to the Company in order for the Company to store information. Use or disclose such information in accordance with this Privacy Policy if it is damaged by such information.  You agree to be responsible for all.  It's not about the company. If you use Thaizzle’s accounts through other social media channels or with your other social media accounts or other forms of social media use. The Company has access to personal information that you voluntarily provide to the social media provider.  According to the policy of the Service Provider and the Company will handle your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

2.8. If you sign in to use Thaizzle’s account through your other social media channels or other social media accounts or other forms of your account, The Company has access to your personal information, which you voluntarily provide to social media providers in accordance with the provider's policies, and the Company will handle your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy.


3. Website Using and Disclosure of Personal Information.

3.1. Personal information collected by the Company will be used by the Company or shared or delivered to the seller of goods or services or related parties, including brokers, sales representatives, affiliates for some or all of the following purposes:

3.1.1) To facilitate the use of the Services and access to the Platform and for the sale of goods or services, including answering questions, suggestions, claims or disputes by the seller of goods or services, or related parties who are third parties.

3.1.2) Payment of goods you pay to third party sellers of goods or services

3.1.3) Compare the information and confirm it with a third party to verify the accuracy of the information.

3.1.4) To check and make transactions in payments you have made online.

3.1.5) To monitor download data from the platform.

3.1.6) To improve the format or content of web pages on the platform and modify them to users.

3.1.7) To identify visitors on the platform.

3.1.8) To conduct research on user demographics and behaviors.

3.1.9) To provide information that the Company deems useful or that you request from the Company, including information about third-party vendors, goods or services, that you have confirmed that you have no purpose to contact for these purposes.

3.1.10) As required by your consent in accordance with applicable law to the Company. The Company may use your personal information to submit marketing or promotional documents regarding the products and services of third parties time by time, and

3.1.11) The Company may make decisions automatically in order to meet any of these objectives.

3.2. In the event of an exception, the Company may disclose personal information, for example, when it is reasonably believed that disclosure is necessary to prevent threats to life or health, or for law enforcement purposes, or to comply with the law and in accordance with any requirements and claims.

3.3. If you live in Thailand,The Company may transfer or allow the transfer of your personal information outside of Thailand for the purposes set forth in this Privacy Policy. By disclosing or transferring or transferring your personal data to third parties or affiliates located overseas, the Company will take steps to ensure that the company that receives the data has a standard of protection of personal data that is equivalent to the protection of or in the same standards as the Personal Data Protection Act applicable to the Company.


4. Revocation of consent and the deletion or anonymity of personal information.

4.1. You may notification of your withdrawal of consent to the use or disclosure of personal information for any purpose or in the manner described above at any time, or request the deletion or anonymity. Personal information is provided by contacting the Personal Information Protection Officer according to the contact details listed above.

4.2. Please note that if you notify you of the revocation of the consent to use or disclose personal information for the purposes or manner stipulated above, or request the deletion or anonymity of your personal information, the Company may not provide you with any services or fulfill any contracts made to you, and the Company will not be liable if the Company does not provide you with the Services or -fulfills the contracts made with you. The Company reserves the right to comply with any laws and remedies.


5. Amendment of personal information

5.1. It is important that you provide accurate personal information. You are responsible for informing you if there are any changes to your personal information, or if you believe that your personal information contained by the Company is incorrect. Incomplete or misleading or old information You can update your personal information at any time by logging in from your account to the Platform. If you are unable to update your personal information through your account, by visit your account. You can contact the staff to protect your personal information according to the contact details provided above.

5.2. The Company takes steps to share your updated privacy information with third parties and affiliates that the Company shares, but when it deems that the information is still necessary for the purposes mentioned above.

5.3. In any case, you are responsible for the information you provide to the Company.  The Company shall not be liable for any damages from misinformation or incorrect or incomplete information.


6. Access to your personal information

6.1 If you would like to obtain information about your personal information that has been stored by the Company or have any questions about how it is stored or disclosed by the Company in the last year, please contact us who the personal data protection officer provided above .In order to speed up your request, it may be necessary to request more your information.

6.2 The Company reserves the right to charge for the retrieval of your personal data recorded. If that is the case, the Company will notify you of the processing fee before the Company will process it at your request.

6.3 Company will reply to your request as soon as possible If the company does not respond to your request, we will notify you in writing. If the Company is unable to provide any personal information or make amends at your request, the Company will notify you of why the Company is unable to do so (Except ,the Company does not have the necessary to comply with the request under the privacy laws applicable to the Company).



7. Security of your personal information

7.1 To protect your personal information from non-controlling persons. To keep Use disclosure repeat, revise, dispose of or risk similar information, the Company has adopted management measures. appropriate physical and technical use, for example:

7.1.2)  Restricting data access to personal information to the person who wishes to access it.

7.1.3)  Install technology products to prevent unauthorized access to the computer. 

7.1.4)  Remove or unsealing your personal information in accordance with applicable law. When you no longer want to use it for legal or business purpose.

7.1.5)  If you believe that your privacy has been violated by Thaizzle,  please contact the privacy protection officer stipulated above.

7.1.6)  You should also be aware that there is no means of transmitting information via the internet, or electronic storage method electronic data is completely secure. While security cannot be guaranteed, the Company will always strive to protect information security and monitor and improve security.

7.1.7)  Your password is the key to accessing your account. Please use specific numbers and special signs, and please do not share your Thistle password with anyone. If you use your password with someone else You are responsible for the actions arising out of your account name and its impact. If you lose control over your password or lose control over personal data or other information submitted to Thaizzle. You are responsible and bound by such actions in accordance with the law. Therefore, if your password has been changed for any reason or if you have reasonable to believe that your password has been changed, contact us and request to change your password immediately. The company warns you to log out of your account and close the search page after you share a computer with someone else.


8. Privacy Policy.

8.1 The Company stores the preservation of your personal information for as long as necessary or legal or it is necessary for the purpose of which information is collected.

8.2 The Company will cease to collect privacy information or delete information that is linked to you for reasonable to assume that such information is not for the purposes previously collected and is no longer necessary for law or business purposes.


9. Incompetent or children under the age of 18.

9.1 Thaizzle does not provide services to incompetent persons or children under the age of 18 or provide any services or use of the Platform to incompetent persons or children under the age of 18, and the Company does not collect personal information relating to incompetent persons or children under the age of 18.

9.2  If you are an incompetent person or an underage minor, you may use the Company's website by your parents or their legitimate representatives to maintain and consent.

9.3. The Company shall not be liable for any violation of the Company' rights.



10. Data System storage

10.1  Company or service provider may use cookies or web beacons or other technology systems to store data so that it can serve you better, faster, safer, and more privately when you access or access the Platform.

10.2 When you access the Platform through your computer or other telephone device or tool, the company's server system automatically records information, which your browser sends at any time you visit the Website, subject to the following information:

10.2.1) IP address of computer or communication device

10.2.2) Browser Type

10.2.3) A web page you visited before you visited the Company's Platform.

10.2.4) Pages within the platform you visit.

10.2.5) The time spent on the list page and the information searched on the platform, the date and time of access and other statistics.

10.3Information stored for analysis and processing for use in the improvement of websites and services and products provided by the Company.


11Thaizzle’s right to disclose personal information

11.1 You acknowledge and agree that Thaizzle has the right to disclose your personal information in the event of a government tax regulation. Whether or not thistle believes that the disclosure of personal information is necessary for the purpose of complying with any duties, requirements or cooperation, whether voluntarily or authorized, to cooperate in accordance with the investigative order and or as requested by them to the extent permitted by applicable law. You agree not to take any action and/or/or waive your right to take any action against Thistle for the disclosure of personal information in such circumstances.


12. Third Party Pages

The Platform may contain links to other websites operated by third parties, such as affiliates, agents,  Merchants or receive payment for financial transactions. The Company is not responsible for the privacy of websites operated by such third parties. The Company recommends that you review the privacy policies of the websites to see how they are handled.