Terms of Service

Welcome to ("Thaizzle"), digital advertising and chat services.

(collectively, "Service")

Provided by Dream gate Co.,Ltd. Juristic Person Registration No. 0105561000640 .The office is located at 2/5-2/6 Soi Silom19, Silom Road, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500 Thailand. At www.thaizzle.com and/or Thaizzle mobile app (collectively, the "Website"). Using the Website and Services is subject to these Terms of Service.

Thaizzle is a service provider to entrepreneurs or individuals who wish to sell their products or services, including their agents, Brokers, individuals, juristic persons, and other websites related to the sale of goods or services and users of the service (including customers). Thaizzle is a mediator, not a seller of goods or services or a broker of goods and services. Thaizzle is not related to the purchase of goods or services or payments or warranties of goods or services or details of goods or services, and Thaizzle not receiving a share any benefit from the sale of such goods or services.      

Please read these terms and conditions carefully.

The following Terms of Service apply to your use and access to the Platform (as stated below) and by accessing the Platform and/or using the Services. You agree to be bound by these Terms of Service if you do not agree to these Terms of service, do not access and/or use this Platform or services.

Access to and use of the Protection Code and/or security of the Platform and/or the Use of the services is limited to customers with user accounts only, you must not access or attempt to access such parts of this Platform and/or services. Any other information that is protected without permission through any channel that we do not intend to use for your particular use may be an offence under the computer misconduct Act 2007 of Thailand.

If you are an incompetent person or an underage minor. You must obtain the consent of your parents or legal guardians to agree to this Terms of Service. And such person's agreement to take responsibility for all of your actions, including any charges relating to your use of the Services or purchases of your goods, and your acceptance and compliance with the terms of use of this Service, if you do not have the consent of your parents or legal guardians, you must stop your use/access platform and service.

1. General use of the Services and/or access to the Platform 

1.1 Practices for use of the Platform and/or Services: 

You agree to comply with the notice guidelines, procedures and policies and recommendations regarding the use of the Services and/or access to the platform, including any amendments to the above, which are applicable by us from time to time. We reserve the right to improve the notice guidelines such policies and policies and recommendations at any time. You are acknowledge and bound by any changes to the above when it is published on the Platform or to you in accordance with various channels.

1.2 By accessing and/or using the Website and/or services, you agree to comply with these Terms. In addition, by using part of the Services, you agree to comply with the relevant posting guidelines for such services. This may be changed or updated from time to time at Thaizzle's sole discretion only.

1.3 You are responsible for checking these terms from time to time. You should object to any terms or conditions of these Terms, any guidelines, or any subsequent or unhappy changes to the Service in any way, you must immediately cease your use of the Website and the Services.

1.4 These Terms may be updated by Thaizzle at any time at thaizzle's sole discretion, it is your responsibility to keep a copy of these Terms and check the "last revised" date at the top of this page.

1.5 Thaizzle may provide English translations in Thai. Translating the terms to English is for your convenience only. And the Thai version controls the terms of your relationship with Thaizzle. In addition, if there is any inconsistency between the Thai version of the Terms and any translation, the Thai version shall be governed primarily.

2. Activities that are prohibited

You agreed and pledged not to do the following:

2.1 Impersonate any person or entity or identify false or deceptive statements in any way in relation to any person or entity.

2.2 Use the Platform or Services for unlawful purposes.

2.3 Attempts to access unauthorized or interfere with or disrupt other computer systems or networks connected to the platform or service.

2.4 Post, promote or submit any prohibited information through the Platform or Services.

2.5 Interferes with the usage and taking advantage of other people's platforms or services.

2.6 Use or upload in any way, any software or documentation contained or where you suspect a virus is a component that damages malicious code. or harmful components that may damage or erroneously damage the platform's data or damage or interfere with the operation of the computer or mobile device of another customer or of the platform or service, and

2.7 Use platforms or services other than those that comply with the accepted use policies of any connected network. Any relevant internet standards and any other applicable laws.


3. Availability of platforms and services:
                      Thaizzle may update, modify, suspend or suspend the Services or remove them in whole or part of any platform or service at certain times. It is not necessary to give any reason or notice and is not liable if such updates, amendments, suspensions or removals prevent you from accessing the platform or any part of the services.


4. Rights to monitor content:
                      We reserve the right at our sole discretion but are not bound to:

4.1 Monitoring, screening or controlling any activity, content or documentation on the Platform and/or through the Services, we may investigate any breaches of the terms and conditions contained herein and may take any action at our sole discretion.

4.2 Prevent or restrict access to the Platform and/or the Customer's Services.

                        4.3 Report any activity that we suspect will violate any laws or regulations used to compel appropriate authorities to know and cooperate with such entities and/or

4.4 Request any information and data about the use of the Services and/or access to your Platform at any time. And use our rights under this clause if you refuse to provide such information and/or information, or if you provide or we have grounds to believe that you provide information and/or inaccurate information. misleading or fraudulent.

5. Additional conditions:

                        In addition to these Terms of Service, the use of data documents and services on one side, especially the finer or improved data documents offered by us or by the subcontractors we prescribe, may be governed by additional conditions and terms which shall apply in full force in all respects.

6. Use of services

                        6.1 Applicable terms and conditions of this Clause: In addition to the terms and conditions of these Terms of Service, the Terms of Service shall be enforced in accordance with the Terms of Service. These Clause 6 terms and conditions apply to your use of the Services.

6.2 Restrictions: The use of the Services is limited to authorized customers who are underage and have the legal ability to enter into contracts under any applicable laws. Customers who have violated or are violating the terms and conditions herein, and customers who have been suspended from using any service, permanently or temporarily, will not be able to use the Service even if they have follow by the terms of clause 6.2

6.3 General Terms of Service: You agree: 

(a) to access and/or use the Services for legitimate purposes only and by lawful means at all times, and agree to carry out any activities related to the Services in good faith, and 

(b) to certify that any information, images, information about the Services you post or make appear on the Platform are accurate and do not violate any applicable laws, and that you are solely responsible for such information and information;

6.4 Product Description: Although we do our best to provide accurate information and details of the goods We do not guarantee that such details are accurate, up-to-date or error-free, and that the responsibility for the details of the goods is the responsibility of the seller, not related to the Company.

6.5 Price of goods: The price of goods, taxes are the responsibility of the seller. There is no concern to Thaizzle, you should check the price of the product with the seller before trading, unless otherwise stated. We reserve the right to amend the sale notice at any time without giving any reason or notice.

7. Customers who have an account with Thaizzle.

7.1 Claims of use or access: You agree and acknowledge that the use of the Services and/or any access to the Platform And any information, information or communications that refer to your username and password, as the case, It is assumed that

7.1.1) access to the relevant platform and/or use of the services by you; or

7.1.2) Information or communications published, transmitted or issued in your side at any time. You agree to be bound by your access to the Platform and/or the use of any services (whether such access or use is permitted by you or not, unless the unauthorized access to the Platform is granted after we have been told of unauthorized access of the username and/or password. In accordance with clause 7.1), you consent that we have the right (but not obligations) to act, refer to, or ask that you be held solely responsible and liable for such actions as if such access was made or submitted by you. You also agree and acknowledge that you are bound and agree to indemnify us in full for any losses arising from the use of any services and/or access to the Platform that can refer to your username or password.

8. Intellectual Property

8.1 Ownership: Intellectual property in the Platform and its proprietary data documents, granted to or controlled by us. Our licensees or our service providers We reserve the right to fully enforce intellectual property rights as required by law.

8.2 Restriction of use: Do not reproduce, reverse engineer, revert, disassemble. Fragment, change, distribute, redistributed, exhibit, broadcast Link, mirror, frame, transfer, or forward in any way or by any means, or store it in a data search system. or installed on a server, system, or device without our prior written consent or from the relevant copyright owner under Clause 8.3, permission is only required for you to download, typing. And you must not modify the data document, which we or the relevant copyright owner still owns, all copyrights and other ownership rights contained in the document.

9. Limiting our responsibilities and liability.

9.1 Non-certification or warranty: Services, platforms and data documents are provided in accordance with the "As is" and "as available" information and/or information contained in the Services Platform. Or a data document is provided for use as data only. There is no endorsement or warranty whatsoever, implicitly. Express or by any provision, including warranty, infringement of third party rights, proprietary rights, Ability to trade Any satisfactory quality or suitability for any purpose is provided in relation to the platform, service, or data documentation without compromising the consequences of the preceding. We do not guarantee:

9.1.1) Accuracy is appropriate for the time, sufficiency, commercial value or completeness of all information and/or information contained in the Platform, Services or Data Documentation.

9.1.2) That any platform, service, or data documentation will be provided without interruption. Any identifiable defects or defects will be corrected.

9.1.3) That the platform, service, or data document is free from computer viruses. Or code made with malicious intent, code that causes destruction, or code that causes disruption. or any other malicious, macro damaging, or disruptive software , and

9.1.4) Security of any information submitted by you or to you through the Platform or The Services, and you at any risk. Submitted or obtained through the Services or platform may be accessed by unauthorized third parties and/or disclosed by us or the Authorities. Our employees or agents to third parties who claim to be you or claim to act with your authority. Internet and electronic postal transmission may be disrupted, lost contact, delayed. From overcrowding to internet data transmission or incorrect transmission due to the nature of the Internet that may be made public.

9.2 Exclusion of Liability: Thaizzle's indemnity is not liable to you for any loss that occurs, however (regardless of the form of action). Directly or indirectly related to:

9.2.1Access, use and/or can’t be use of the Platform or Services;

9.2.2) Trusting any information or information contained in the Platform and/or through the Services; You should not do anything with such information or data without manually verifying the accuracy of the content.

9.2.3) Any system, server, or connection fails, crashes, crashes, delays. Contains computer viruses or other malicious viruses,  destruction, or code that causes crashes malicious, macro damaging, or causing errors, and

            9.2.4) Use or access to any other website or web page linked to the Platform, even if we or our staff or agents or employees may be notified or anticipated as to the possibility of such matters.

            9.3 At Your Own Risk: Risk of Misunderstanding Mistakes, damages. Any costs or losses resulting from your use of the Platform are at your own risk and we will not be liable in such cases.

                                9.4. Thaizzle has no relevance and no warranty on goods or services. And all sellers of product or services. It is not responsible for information about goods or services. Information about an item is simply an introduction to an item or service. We do not guarantee any accuracy. Responsibility for an item or service is the responsibility of the seller of the item or service. We are not responsible for any such damages. You must contact the seller of the product or service.                          

                                9.5. Trading goods or services is an agreement between you and the Entrepreneurship. Thaizzle is only market place. Not a counterpart or participate in the contract in any way. Any liability is yours and the seller of goods or services, who are counterparty only.      

        10. Links, Alerts and Advertising   

10.1 Link: For your convenience , we may include links to websites or other content on the Internet that are owned or operated by third parties.  Such linked websites or content are not under our control. And we are not liable for mistakes, losing, delays, disrespect, defamation, insult, deception, nasty things, pornography, Insulting sacred things, inaccuracies, or any other inappropriate documentation contained in the content or the consequences of accessing any linked website, or any other content; It does not confirm or endorse such web sites or content. And you agree that your access to or use of such linked websites or content is at your own risk.

11. Submission of your information and information

11.1 Submission of information by you: You grant us non-specific rights to use the documents or information you submit on the Platform. and/or give to Thaisle, including but not limited to questions, reviews, comments and suggestions (collectively, "Submission"). When you post a comment or review on the platform, you're asked to leave a review or review. You also give Thaizzle the right to use the name you submit information or username associated with the review. Such information, comments, or other content. You must not use a fake email address. Pretend to be anyone other than yourself or mislead Thaizzle or third parties about the origin of any submission. Thaizzle may submit information but is not obligated to publish, remove or modify your submission.

11.2 Consent to receive emails: You consent and allow us to use any information you provide (including personal data). For the sake of sending you email details or promotions. Your agreement with clause 11.2 constitutes your consent for the sake of establishing any spam control law (whether in Thailand or elsewhere). You may opt out of receiving promotional emails at a later date by clicking on the appropriate link in any promotional email.

12. Cancellation

12.1 Cancellation by our parties: at our sole discretion. When it is told to you with  immediate effect. We may terminate your use of the platform and/or services and/or suspend your username and password. We may opt out of access to the platform and/or the services (or any portion of it) for any reason and any offence to these services or when we believe that you have violated or acted inconsistent with any of the conditions or terms set forth herein or, in our opinion, or the opinion of any regulator, it is inappropriate to continue to provide services regarding the Platform.

13. General Requirements

13.1 Fragmentation: When any provision of these Terms of Service becomes unlawful, it is incomplete or it may not be mandatory in any case. The legality, integrity and enforceableness of the remaining terms of this contract will not be affected or deteriorated. And it remains in force as if the terms of dislike, incomplete or unrequited are separate from these Terms and Conditions of Trading.

13.2 Applicable laws: The use of the Platform and/or the Services and the terms of use of this Service shall be governed by and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the Kingdom of Thailand.And you agree to the jurisdiction of the courts of the Kingdom of Thailand.

13.3 Temporary ProtectionWe may seek temporary protection if we consider it in good faith deemed to be out of contract or non-compliant.  We may temporarily suspend your use of the Services.

13.4. Amendment: When there is a notice through the Platform or by other means in the notification as we will have determined. (this may include e-mail notifications. We may change the terms and conditions of this Service. And the changing will take effect on the dates that specify through such mention. If you use the Platform or The Services after that date, you agree to such amendments. If you do not accept the amendments, You must stop accessing or using the Platform and Services. And cancel these Terms of Service. We have the right to amend these Terms of Service by the above implement .This will be used and permissions without the consent of any individual person or company that is not a counterparty to these Terms of Service.

13.5 Currency: The money referred to under the Terms of Service is Thai Baht.

13.Languages: In the event that these Terms of Service are made or translated into a language other than English, the terms of service shall be in English. ("Foreign Language Edition") The English version of these Terms of Service shall be mandatory. It must be used before the foreign language version but any interpretation should be based mainly in Thai.

13.Comprehensive Agreement: These Terms of Service constitute an entire contract between you and us This is about things here and substitutes and replaces understanding, Communicating And all the deals previously has been It's about things here.

13.8      Bound and the finalYou acknowledge and agree that any records (including recording any phone conversations about the Service, if any) keep by us or our respective service providers. or related to platforms and services bound to you and final in any case And it's final evidence of the information. and/or any information that is sending between us and you. You agree that all such records can be used as evidence. And you will not dispute or object to the acceptance of the use of evidence, reliability the accuracy or authenticity of the records. Just because the records are in electronic format or it is information that from a computer system and you waive any of your rights. If any, in such objections,

13.9      Transfer of rights: You may not transfer your rights under these Terms of Service. Without our prior written consent but it's our right only to transfer our rights under these Terms of Service to any third party.

13.10    Force Majeure: We are not liable for not fulfilling our duties. Under these Terms of Service (or any part of these Terms)  or inaccuracies Unreliability or any impropriety of the platform's content and/or of the Services, if in whole or some of part, Directly or indirectly caused by events or mistakes that are beyond our proper control.

1.          Definition and interpretation

2.           Definition:

3.          Unless otherwise defined by context, the following words shall mean the following in these Terms of Service:

            1.1        "Client" has the same meaning as it is in the terms and conditions of trading.

            1.2        "Intellectual Property" means copyright, patent, Usefull artifacts ,Trademarksand service marks,Geographical indications ,Domain Name Scheme design rights , Registered , Model right ,Database rights, Trade and business names ,Right to protect trade secrets , And confidential information, The right to protect the values of popularity and fame and other owned rights in the same way and the registration requests as mentioned above, no matter what is currently available or it happens in the future, anywhere in the world, Whether it's registered or not, and benefits, privileges, right to sue, Claim for damages and receive relief or other remedies against abuse, embezzle or violate any such right as mentioned above, .

            1.3        "The Atonement of Thaizzle" Thaisle Mean Thaizzle And the staff, employee ,director ,agents,contractors and transferees of Thaizzle.

            1.4        “Thaizzle” “Thaizzle”  “www.thaizzle.com”“and/or Thaizzle application mobile”  “Us” “Our” (that's the Object of the sentence) Means Dreamgate Co., Ltd. The Company is established in accordance with the laws of Thailand Registration No. 0105561000640. The office is located at  2/5-2/6,Trok Wat ,Soi Silom19,Silom Road, Silom Sub district,  Bangrak District, Bangkok 10500Thailand.

1.5        "The price announced for sale" means the price of the product and service that the seller of goods and services is shown for sale to the customer as indicated on the platform.

1.6        "Loss" means Fines, losses ,amount of debt repayment, expenses (These include fees and legal costs on lawyers.) Service Charges, Expenses, Lawsuits, to prosecute , Claims, Debts payments called And all other liability, whether you know it in advance or not."

1.7        "Data Document" means In total, there are all pages on the platformIncluding information, images, links, sounds, Graphics, videos, software, applications and other data documents displayed or provided on the platform and the functionality or services provided on the Platform.

1.8        "Password" means a valid password that customer which has an account with Thaizzle may be used in conjunction with user names to access the platform and/or related services.

1.9        "Personal Data" means information whether true or not. This can be used to indicate contact or provide your location. Personal data may include your name, email address, Address, phone number, and credit card information, , Personal Information .Include any information you provide to us. Regardless of whether you have an account with us or not.

1.10      The Platform" means (a) both web and mobile versions of the website currently operated and/or owned by Thaizzle, on URL: www.thaizzle.comAnd mobile applications that are available at certain times by Thaizzle, both IOS and Android versions.

1.11      "Goods or Services" means goods or services that the seller of goods. or that service is sold to customers on the platform.

1.12      "Prohibited Documents" means information, graphics, Photos, information, and/or other documents at: (as mentioned below)
.1) Any computer virus or program code or any other macro that threatens or damages it.
Infringe the intellectual property of third parties or other owner rights


1.13      "Services" means the services, information and functions we provide on the Platform.

1.14      "Trademark" means a trademark. Service marks, trade names, and logos that used and displayed on the platform. Whether registered or unregistered and belongs to Thaizzle or any third party.

1.15      "Username" means a unique login name or identifier that represents a customer who has an account with Thaizzle.

1.16      "You" and "yours" mean individuals over 18 years old , Minors and incompetent persons are subject to the supervision of a parent or legal guardian.

4.          Interpretation:

Any reference in these Terms of Service includes any provisions of the Law. To be interpreted as a reference to such provisions as further revised. New Provisions or extend the relevant time in the contract whenever the word "includes" or  "Including" is considered to be followed by the words "Not specifically" Unless otherwise defined. References to number of days mean to calendar days and the words "month" or "monthly." This includes references to the number of months that mean to calendar months. The topic is for convenience only, It does not affect the interpretation of these Terms of service. In case of topics conflict or there is no inconsistency between the two definitions or more under these Terms of Service. Regardless of whether the Term and Conditions are in the same or different documents, There are such conflicts or inconsistencies be make a diagnosis in a way that benefits Thaizzle and enforce the Term that are more beneficial to Thaizzle.


Terms and Conditions of Trading.

1. Definition and Interpretation

Unless otherwise defined. Definition and Term and Condition In interpretationdefined in document attachment 1, applicable to the terms and conditions in trading here.

2. Product ordering

2.1        Conditions you must  follow with:  You agree  to trade goods or services. It's about the customer and the seller of the product or service, not related to Thaizzle. Thaizzle will give you advice on how to buy goods or services. And to assume as you've been acknowledge and accepted the commitment.

2.2        Product Details: Although Thaizzle and the seller do their best to provide accurate details of the goods. Thaizzle does not guarantee that such details will be accurate, be currently or without any errors.You must contact the seller directly.

2.3        Thaizzle is not considered a binding party under any law Between the seller and the buyer in trading or other agreements regarding the goods,as a result, Thaizzle is not liable for any losses that may arise as a result of such incidents. 

2.4   Thaizzle doesn't have any warranties or assume that there are any warranties regarding goods or services posted on the Platform.

2.5        Thaizzle is not liable for any loss of goods or services, directly or indirectly and the customer must claim compensation for damages from the seller to all losses arising from such claims.

2.6        Thaizzle is not liable for any payment of goods or services. (or other payments) between a seller of goods or services and a customer in any case.

2.7.       Intellectual Property:

  The giver of information to Thaizzle is responsible for the liability of the information. If an intellectual property infringement occurs. 

3.  Terms of Use and Membership

3.1        A user means an ordinary person or juristic person or any business entity, regardless of whether legally registered or not ,ordinary persons or juristic persons or a business organization can apply (register) members and registered members of Thaizzle's member account can only have 1 (one) account per person.The user confirms and assures that is capable of legal action and have the power to be bound by this agreement.

3.2        For minors (under 20 years old). Minors must obtain the consent of their parents or guardians lawfully before they can start using or applying (register). Members of Thaizzle's website and/or application only. Regardless of System usage , it is useful to have a decent life. And it is appropriate for the position of the minor. Thaizzle assume that minors will continue to use the website and/or applications of Thaizzle. The minor testified that he had received permission from parent or legal guardian. In this case, between Thaisle and minors or parents or lawful guardians of minors.Thaizzle not responsible for permissions,Liability or any claim as a result of the use or actions of minors on the Website and/or applications of Thaizzle or due to arguments over the maturity of minors to legal affairs that the minors are involved and solely responsible. 

3.3        Thaizzle reserves the permissions to set conditions and limit the scope to subscribe and use the Website and/or applications of Thaizzle, for users and using within Thailand only. Thaizzle does not allow to use Thaizzle websites and/or applications in other areas outside Thailand which is considered a violation against to Thaizzle.

3.4        To subscribe or use any services on the Website and/or applications of Thaizzle, The users have to provide information details that includes information for accurate user communication. Must be complete, authentic and currently, It’s all yours only within the area provided by Thaizzle. If there are any changes to the data, Users are obliged to make adjustments to member accounts such as detail or according to statements correctly, complete, authentic, and always be currently. The liability or any damage (if any) in this section, the user is solely responsible.  The process of registering for Thaizzle’s  member account may use monitoring technology by third parties that includes information provided by the Website and Third-party social media to try to certify user qualifications.

3.5        Thaizzle is a trade registration name and protected by the sole legal permissions of Dreamgate Co., Ltd. User are prohibited from using or specifying Thaizzle names in member names or aliases, or information in announcement.This may mislead to others that Thaizzle is involved, either directly or indirectly.

3.6        For the duration of membership of Thaizzle or using of the Website and/or the Application of Thaizzle, The User agrees not to take any action that is against the law,Morals and any conditions in accordance with Thaizzle's policy, no action will be taken, which constitutes a violation of any rights of Thaizzle or any other person or it may cause damage to Thaizzle or other person.

3.7        Thaizzle's membership account in accordance with this Agreement is the sole property of Thaizzle. Users have permission that is limited to holding a member account on behalf of yourself only. Member accounts cannot be jointly held, transfer, exchange, or change to another person. Thaizzle prohibits users from selling, renting, lending, allow to using or give the rights of member account to other person for any reason.

 3.8       Other than that specified in this agreement, The User has other legal duties and responsibilities for applicable that related to the announcement with the publication, advertising of goods or services on the website and/or applications of Thaizzle to other persons. If announcement, publishing, advertising of any product or service must be permitted by law. Users are required to do so legally. If there is any damage, the user is entirely responsible.   

            Ending disputes and disputes under this Agreement depend on discretion. and decision of Thaizzle only. By any code of conduct, it may not apply to the services involved under this Agreement.

3.9        Users are responsible for protecting privacy or confidentiality, username and password. If in doubt for user's member account or username is accessed or password may have been compromised without permission. The user must notify or contact www.thaizzle.com immediately.

3.10      Between Thaizzle and users or third parties,Thaizzle has no legal responsibility and under this Agreement to any user or third party in damages,Infringe rights or losses in any way as a result of or related with any using or service. Changing, editing, or sending of data any laws or transactions that happen between users or third parties on the Website and/or thaizzle applications.

3.11      The User is aware that the using, giving or dissemination of any information or details of others without power, not allowed, not true, not in the present, or non-compliance with the rule of law regarding the declaration, selling goods or services on the Website and/or application constitutes an offence under the relevant laws and violates this Agreement. Although, Thaizzle has no obligation and responsibility to verify the accuracy of the information of the notices in some of part or all parts. If Thaizzle know or consider in the sole discretion of any user who violates applicable statutory regulations .Violate this agreement or the relevant policies of Thaizzle (subject to editing, changing or additional from time to time)  infringe ownership rights, or causing liability or negative consequences for Thaizzle or other persons. In this case, the user is personally liable solely by law by confirmed that Thaizzle had nothing to do with the user's offences. However, the user agrees to take responsibility for Thaizzle's loss, damages,any other expenses, in whole or in part, which Thaizzle may claim. 

3.12      If there are reasonable grounds to believe that the User has committed a violation against Thaizzle or another person, Thaizzle reserves the right, to sole discretion, to block the login or deletion of the user's member account at any time for any reason, no advance notice is required. and inform for the reasons. This is the right and the user agrees not to claim any damages from Thaizzle.

3.13      Thaizzle reserves the right to transfer Thaizzle website and Thaizzle Application, or all category of Thaizzle services, including thaizzle's rights and duties, accounts and user information in whole or in part, to Affiliated companies or third parties without  notice or permission from any user or any person.



4. Rights Reserves

            4.1        Thaizzle's operation is to manage the internet platform. By allocating online space as a hub for direct communication between users via Thaizzle's website and/or application in trading transactions or services ,giving ,which the seller or service, the owner of the product or service and related persons,Sales or services can be announced and buyers can choose to view posted products or services, which will allow sellers and buyers to independently negotiate transactions between their counterparts.Without any relevance or interference from Thaizzle. Therefore, Thaizzle has no legal and de facto involvement with all users of various transactions between related users. Announcement or offer to trade products or services and the accuracy of information, communication, negotiation ,buying, selling, contracts for purchase or distribution or provide services between the user and neither are part of the financial transaction, payment, debts payment, inspection and delivery of goods or warranties between such users in any way. 

4.2        Relationship between Thaizzle and users: Thaizzle has no legal relationship with the user in any way as an agent,brokers, partners, employers, employees or any other characteristics. Other than to use on Thaizzle's websites and applications, it is not recommended, invite or support, induce, all users make transactions, any laws or contracts. Also, Thaizzle does not have or receive any share or other benefits from the sale of goods or services, posting, negotiating, communicating or trading transactions between users any contract offer from all users.

4.3        Information and details about products and services displayed or shown in notices on Thaizzle's websites and applications. It is provided by each user who owns the product, service and unilateral announcementsTherefore, Thaizzle does not certify, does not guarantee, and has no responsibility or obligations. to all users and third parties whether it's about negotiating deal, transaction execution,  delivery, payment of debts, including goods and services, posting, quality, quantity, price, duration The User is responsible for all damage caused between users themselves and the user agreed not  claims to Thaizzle to take responsibility, jointly responsible or legally obligated or under this Agreement to any loss or damage caused to the User or to the relevant third party, in all cases.

4.4        For security reasons, Thaizzle will make the most efforts to organize an internationally standardized system for online trading announcements. Such arrangements, including providing information and assistance to users, do not constitute an obligation to make Thaizzle liable on behalf of any person. However, all users should have judgment and be careful about product and service announcements on Thaizzle's websites and applications, For example, the accuracy or reality of the information or details entered in the post, communications between users before making trading or transaction decisions.

5. Posting

The User must comply with the Declaration of goods or services Policy. As follows, strictly.

5.1        Using or services on Thaizzle's websites and applications may have fees for posting products or services (please see details). In order to maintain user announcements on Thaizzle's websites and applications, in case of charges for posting products or services and other special charges (if any) The User agrees to pay the fee or service charge* at the rate specified by Thaizzle and will comply with the procedures and regulations prescribed by Thaizzle, which may change from time to time.

* Remark: Rate of fees or any service charges are determined unilaterally in accordance with Thaizzle's policy.

5.2        User who offers or post to sale goods or services, false information must not be used. Fraud, ambiguity, create or cause damage to other people at products or service’s post.


6. General contraindications

            6. 1.      Do not publish more than one item or service (type/category). Freebies are not included in one announcement.

            6. 2.      Do not re-declare products or services that have already been posted in one category in the same category or another.

            6. 3.      Do not use multiple user member accounts to post products or services of the same type or category.

            6. 4.      Users are prohibited from declaring products and services "strictly prohibited" in all cases without conditions (details are as shown below).

            6. 5.      Users are prohibited from declaring products and services of "conditional goods and services" (some of) which have specific regulations and requirements Without a thorough understanding of the contents before posting (details appear below). 

It's strictly forbidden ,Types of goods and services prohibited from posting without any exceptions specified as below .


7Prohibited products

            7.1        Items in auction format

7.2        First-hand products with sole dealership

            **(Products with a sole reseller means a legitimate license from the owner of product)

7.3          Copyright infringement *** Copyright infringement means to products that are imitated or copied like it, such as IT products, apparel, brand-name bags, (phone copy, clothing grade)

7.4        Category as Cable, Satellite Box, Internet TV Set-top Box such as Dream Box, Open Box, HD Vision , Smart Box , android box, Apple TV box  (Do not post by NEA)

7.5        Harmful or prohibited chemical products.


8. Types of services prohibited from posting 

            8.1        Propaganda, for example such as working via Internet Advertising”.

8.2        Affiliate Marketing or ads agency of websites such as Amazon Affiliate, Lazada Affiliate.

8.3        Financial insurance such as loans, all types of loan insurance, all types of financial services.

8.4        Pawn Service, Mortgage, Consignment .


9. The category "Conditional Goods and Services", which Thaizzle defines specific regulations and requirements for posting that users must comply with without any exceptions, is listed below.

9.1 Medical Equipment Products*** Please refer to the "Regulations and Requirements regarding for sale of medical equipment products".


10. To make the user's products or services attractive,Interesting and accurate according to ThaiLe's policy. The information and pictures that appear in the post must resemble the following:

            10.1 Content of the post : Users are required to provide or use information about own products or services, or only legally licensed. Such information must be true and fully detailed in accordance with applicable laws.

             10.2 Image for goods or product announcement : The image used must be clear and appropriate. Directly represents the properties or characteristics of the item. Do not provide text (letters or numbers) phone numbers, Information for any communication appears in the image, including QR code, links to other websites. An image that is not related to an item or product.

            10.3 Image for service announcement: The images used must be clear, appropriate and relevant only to the Service. Displaying or using text in a picture cannot exceed 20% of the total area of the picture. Phone numbers , Information to be used in any communication QR code link to another website,or a picture that shows how before and after using the service are Prohibited ,Except for displaying images and text on labels or licenses in accordance with applicable laws. 

            10.4      The price of goods or services specified in the post must be the net price of all items or services including taxes and fees. In case of product or services posting with freebies .Users are required to specify value of the giveaway in the notice as defined in the Consumer Law. 

            10.5 User contact information must provide accurate user contact information,true and present. Only within the area provided by Thaizzle.


11. Responsibility

                        11.1      The User agrees to be responsible and confirms that any information, images and details regarding goods or services (including but not limited to images, photographs, fonts, any text) used in postings on Thaizzle's websites and applications are own who has ownership and other complete rights and get legal protection or legitimate authorization. Thaizzle prohibits users from using it or publish the information or publish the pictures information, and any details which from reproduced, reproduced, modified or copy either in part or in all without the permission of the owner, other sources or websites that are not the user's own website that the user is solely responsible for any claims of damages relating to information, images and details about the product or service by other people with superior user rights. Users acknowledge that the information, images and details used in postings on Thaizzle's websites and applications will not be confidential and ready for public viewing. Therefore, Thaizzle has no commitment to operating principles to privacy policy or third-party content and there is no responsibility for any losses or damages to third parties.
                        11.2      If Thaizzle finds or has reasonable to believe that the user has violated the regulations or terms which mentioned above, either one of its. Thaizzle reserves the right to deleting, suspending, editing or changing to the post,It also blocks logins and suspends user member accounts. This is a right and at the sole discretion of Thaizzle without notice to users in advance. In further, Thaizzel has no obligation or responsibility for any outcome or liability to any person from performing this action.

12. Data Content Rights Reserve

12.1 Information, details or content relating to products or services posted on websites and applications of Thaizzle such as the content, the content in the public relations area, is provided directly by the user or third party who owns the information.Thaizzle just collects information, details to organize the content together, manage and publication of information on website and application of Thaizzle which is the central area for communication between users only which Thaizzle was unable to know the accuracy, facts Details and sources of all data content. Thaizzle does not have any legal relationship with the user as an agent,  brokers, partners, employers, employees with users. Therefore, Thaizzle does not guarantee that the content displayed on thaizzle's website and applications is complete, accurate, free from defects or specific benefits. If the information is inaccurate in any case or causes damage to anyone, would not cause the claim and liability or legal obligation to Thaizzle.

12.2 In case that there is a reasonably necessary, either the alert was issued by another person or an official or employee of governments, or in the case of Thaizzle found or there is a reasonable suspicion that users send or enter content, images, animations, messages or any information that violates the law, or morality, a threat to security, a danger, a secret, fake or false information, information that infringes the rights of other persons or the law or it may cause damage to Thaizzle or other persons or any inappropriate information content that is displayed, published or appear in the chat menu or on Thaizzle websites and applications. Thaizzle reserves the right to delete or suspend any content in post or member accounts of the user immediately without notice in advance that absolute rights and depending on the sole discretion of Thaizzle and Thaizzle  has no obligations or responsibilities for the result or to any person to do so. 

12.3 The user submits or enters the content of the post which display or appear on Thaizzle's website and applications only. The User agrees to give intellectual property rights without limitation, permanent and irrevocable in the content of information without the right fees and any obligations to Thaizzle to manage and published to the public and operation related to the content, includes global usability and give the rights to collect, store, reproduce, modify, create work that continues from the transferring, rights transferring, and can distributed in some part or in whole to provide assistance to users. Service improvements of Thaizzle, security, cooperation with government officials as notified or to protect the content of information as reasonable as the person who has rights or has received intellectual property rights as well as being granted the right to take legal action against the person who violates the intellectual property rights untill at the end.

12.4 The content information of the post on Thaizzle's websites and applications is provided as is and as is available which Thaizzle does not engage in any obligations or responsibilities to all users or third parties,The user assures that the user agrees to be solely responsible for the content of the post and its potential impact on other people.Any use or legal action relating to the post of product or services on thaizzle's websites and applications, Whether through thaizzle's website and applications or not , may be at risk .This is the obligation of all parties should be careful judgment on the information, details or content of the post before deciding to take any action for the safety of property and privacy.


13.        Terms and conditions for using the chat menu

When users uses or access the chat menu ,users agree to comply with the terms and conditions of using the chat menu as strictly follows.

13.1      Access to chat menus and chat menu accounts.

13.1.1)  Thaizzle reserves the right to limit the ability to use the chat menu to users with Thaizzle’s  member accounts only. When the user has registered a user account with Thaizzle, the user can use the chat menu automatically.

13.1.2)  Thaizzle, assumes that users access or use the chat menu. The user accepts and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions for using this talk menu without exception and irrevocable.

13.1.3)  The user is required to maintain the user's membership account and prevent any unauthorized access or use which includes your own chat menu. The user agrees and warrants that any action or conversation that occur in the chat menu of the user's member account, it is an action or action by the user holding such member account without any dispute.

13.1.4)  The user agrees to grant intellectual property rights without limitation on the sole which permanent in the content of the user account and irrevocablewithout any rights fee and obligations to Thaizzle to access and monitor the member account and user chat menu at any time, no prior notification is required. It also give permission to collect, store, repeat, edit, modify, continued tasks are created from transfer, rights transfer and distributed in part or in whole. This is carried out within the scope required to assist the user, including for service arrangement and maintenance purposes, Increase efficiency, safety and legal compliance. This may be done by Thaizzle or someone authorized to act on their behalf.

13.1.5)  Thaizzle reserves the right unilaterally to amend, update or add Term and conditions, the chat menu using, later. This may be notified on the Thaizzle’s website and application. Users are obliged to ensure the current terms and conditions of using the chat menu are changed. Therefore, the user accesses or continues to use the chat menu. The user accepts and agrees to comply with all terms and conditions for using this talk menu. Without exception and irrevocable.


14User’s Content and Information.

14.1      "Information" and "Content"  other than the relevant legal definitions. This means messages, pictures, videos, profile information, icons, etc. which users send to Thaizzle , or that the user allows other Thaizzle’s users to see through the chat menu.

14.2      Users warrant that their information and content do not infringe the rights of other person, Whether it is copyright, patent ,Trademark rights, Intellectual property rights , Trade secret , Right to dignity and human dignity, personal picture rights, Privacy, reputation rights, and other rights .Also not against this law and agreement and does not contravene the public's social order and morality.

                        14.3      Users are prohibited from giving or using messages to impersonate other people.To prevent other users from misunderstood the information directly from another person. In case of reference to other  person's information or content. Users are expected to display such information appropriately by identifying the true source and owner of the information.

                        14.4      In case of inaccurate user content or information or the user violates clause 14.2 as above. Thaizzle may suspend the transmission or removal of such content or close the member's account of the user without prior notice And is considered an absolute right.

                        14.5      Thaizzle may store, use, or share the content and information contained in the user's post, menus, chat and member accounts for management, contact user, advertising and promotion of sales and services for analysis evaluate statistical and behavioral results or take legal action. Users are allowed Thaizzle indefinitely to store, use or share content and information as necessary for the purposes mentioned above. Free of charge and unlimited zones. 

                        14.6 Thaizzle will not disclose the content , user information or personal information that does not identify the user in the chat menu to others without the user's consent, except.

                                    14.6.1)  Thaizzle may share information that Thaizzle collects with affiliated companies or groups of companies that jointly provide the service or service providers that are third parties to help offer improvements in various services as deemed appropriate by Thaizzle ,Including safety measures For Thaisle and 

                                    14.6.2)  In the event that disclosure is required by law and in the event that the government agency .There is a lawful request for Thaizzle to disclose or provide a copy of the content and user data. Thaizzle may disclose or send a copy of the user information to such agencies without any notification or approval from users.


15. Limitation of Liability.

15.1      The user prepares the content of various information that appear in the chat menu by the user themself which Thaizzle is not involved in and not guaranteed to the correctness And the authenticity of the content of such information. Therefore, Thaizzle is not responsible for any damages incurred by users or others arising from the use of the chat menu ,either directly or indirectly.

15.2      In case of a claim or prosecution which is caused by or relate to the chat menu using of the user. The user will settle such claims at the user's own responsibility and expense for any reason, Thaizzle reserves the right not to be involved in resolving such claims or disputes.

16. Safety of use
Using Thaizzle's chat menu
 ,users are prohibited from:

16.1      Acts that are against the law or contrary to the order of society and the morals of the people.

16.2      Infringement of intellectual property, copyright, trademark , patents, reputation rights, privacy rights, and any other rights of other Thaizzle’s  users or other person.

16.3      Transfer or give authority to other people to access to the chat menu in the user's account for any reason.

16.4      Post or send information expressing violence , harass, obscene or sexually contentious or racial discrimination, national origin, nationality, religion, gender, social status or contain content that is harmful to society or annoying others or causing problems for the peace of the public society or cause cleavage or intended for political purposes.  

16.5      Misrepresentations are misleading, disgrace or publicize false information intentionally.

16.6      Use the chat menu for sexual purposes, to take advantage of illegal activities , use fraud or extortion, use fraudulent methods in business transactions , used for criminal purposes, Used to be a member of a criminal organization group, or for purposes other than those specified by Thaizzle.

16.7      Collect, disclose or provide personal information, Registration information Or usage history Illegally or inappropriately.

16.8      Disrupt servers, networks, or Thaizzle systems or interfere with Thaizzle's service or use of other users' chat menus or another person such as Spamming, Scripting or perform actions that are the same no matter any method.

16.9      Perform any other action or activity that Thaizzle deems to disturb other users. Whether it's an announcement, advertising, or send a random disturbing message to the user via the "Talk to Seller" menu or the user's mobile phone, either in short text messages (SMS) or multimedia messages (MMS) (except if approved by Thaizzle). 

16.10    Any action which causes Thaizzle to be involved in disputes or claims or other acts that Thaizzle considers inappropriate.


17Amendment , Suspension and deactivation of the chat menu.

Thaizzle may suspend the use, block access to the chat menu, or close the user's member account without prior notice ,In any case, it is necessary or at legal risk or in the event of occurrence or risk of occurrence as following below .

            17.1      There is a violation of the terms and conditions of using this chat menu, including the general terms and conditions of use of Thaizzle or use the chat menu for inappropriate purposes or there is any action considered inappropriate.

            17.2      In the event that Thaizzlel is unable to contact the user without cause from Thaizzle that Thaizzle reserves the right to edit, change or cancel the chat menu service, either in whole or in part, solely. It may notify users generally or directly that Thaizzle is not liable for any damages arising from the altered changes,suspend, block access, or cancel the chat menu.


18.  Service fees and terms of service fees.

            18.1      Listing products or services in certain categories may be charged at Thaizzle rates, which the Thaizzle system will notify users for confirmation before agreeing to pay such expenses.

            18.2 Thaizzle reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to remove or suspend the display of inaccurate or suspected violations of the law. Failure to comply with the rules and conditions of posting or in accordance with Thaizzle’s usage policy.

            18.3      Users will not be able to request a refund of any paid services, in all or in part, whether it's a one-time or a package of service. Even if the notice is deleted or suspended by Thaizzle for any reason. Especially Due to non-compliance with laws or Thaizzle usage policies.


19. Ad promotion fee.

            19.1      Users can also pay for advertising promotion services. Depends on the type of promotion that Thaizzle has defined as appropriate and the convenience of paying for the service.

            19.2      When users pay for advertising services or have paid for the service. The user cannot cancel or refund the payment in any case. Especially In the event that the user does not comply with the laws and policies of Thaizzle.

            19.3      The user certifies that the user is the owner of the account Thaizzle using . It also owns credit cards, debit cards, bank accounts, payment system information and phone number which used to pay for promotional services according to the case or certifying that the cardholder, account, information or number have given consent to pay for promotional services and agree to the terms and conditions of this promotion Including Thaizzle’s usage policy. Especially, accept that Thaizzle cannot refund the promotion service fee whether this is a claim by the user or by any other owner.

            19.4      If Thaizzle has promoted a user's post prior to their removal or suspension of posting. Users will not be able to claim Thaizzle to promote that list repeatedly.

19.5      Regulations, procedures, units and conditions regarding payment of services are subject to change, edit, amendments , cancellation in part or in all which is depend on Thaizzle's discretion solely without prior notice. Users can check the latest regulations, procedures, units and conditions regarding Thaizzle in the "Terms and Conditions of Use" menu which appear on the Thaizzle platform.


20. Payment

Thaizzle’s Payment Protection Policy.

Thaizzle's Payment Protection Policy (the "Policy") To promote Thaizzle conditions of use of the Privacy Policy and Thaizzle Terms and Conditions. (Collectively “Thaizzle’s terms ") related to your account.  If any matters not specified in this policy but are contained in the Thaizzle terms, Provisions of the Thaizzle’s terms will prevail. If there is a conflict between the provisions of this policy and the provisions of the Thaizzle’s Terms, The provisions of this policy shall prevail over the scope of such conflicts. The typed terms have the same meaning as those in the Thaizzle’s terms. This Policy is a legal agreement between you and Thaizzle using your Thaizzle’s account. You agree to be bound by the terms of this policy.

20.1      Users may receive payment methods in the methods specified by Thaizzle Such as buying special offers, promotions, or other similar characteristics. And details about payment methods, other units and conditions related to Thaizzle ,will be as specified by Thaizzle, which Thaizzle will present a service charge proposal to the users before using the service. Thaizzle reserves the right unilaterally to change the details and conditions of such relevant terms and conditions. And the continued use of Thaizzle's services constitutes acceptance of the changes.

20.2      Users may choose to pay according to the package they wish through the following channels or systems: 

            20.2.1)  Payment channels on Thaizzle website and Mobile Web by credit card, debit card, cash card or bank transfer. As specified by Thaizzle. Some payment types lead users to a secure payment system of designated service providers outside the Thaizzle platform. However, payments made by credit and debit cards may incur a fee charged in accordance with the terms of the bank or the credit and debit card payment service provider, the fees will be the responsibility of the user directly.

20.3      Payment methods may be subject to additional terms as prescribed by Thaizzle from time to time.

20.4      Payment method: You agree that you are subject to the applicable user agreement for your payment method. You cannot claim to Thaizzle, In case of failure, any disruptions or errors related to the payment method you have selected. Thaizzle reserves the right to amend or cancel, whether temporary or permanent, At any time, Any payment method is not required to be mentioned to you or given for any reason.                         20.5     You are responsible for all transactions you have taken and the fees incurred as a result of using your payment account. If someone else has access to your payment account . We will act as if you had authorized such use on your own  And you are responsible for any transactions that occur. And the service charges incurred as a result of such use, which are subject to the terms and conditions. 

20.6      The details in the confirmation message after the transaction and every transaction in your payment account or transaction history message will be treated as true and correct.

20.7      Which does not conflict with Thaizzel's member protection policy, you agree if we will not process a reverse refund or revoke a payment or compensate you in any way for any losses arising from your payment account complaint ,Unauthorized use under any of the following events by designation which is at our sole and absolute discretion:

20.7.1) In the event that such claim relates to a transaction found to have been carried out from a device you trust, your IP address, or any other scope accepted by another user.

20.7.2)  In the event that you commit a scam, or negligence that includes but not limited to cases that you have voluntarily disclosed your Thaizzle’s payment account login details to a third party.

20.7.3) If you are unable to provide any documents relating to an unauthorized transaction, to us as we request appropriately.

20.7.4.) In the event that the amount in your payment account is subject to legal action or other obligations that limit the transfer of money.

20.7.5.) In the event that the transaction happen under circumstances beyond our control , Including but not limited to natural disasters only , Insurgency, etc.Which is beyond the control of general reasons and / or

20.7.6.) In the event of any destination tool or system (including Thaizzle’s services or Websites or our) ,unable to work properly or has any  unusual technical work problem  Before you proceed with the relevant transaction.

                        20.8     You agree to provide all necessary information, facts and permissions and provide us with all reasonable assistance and cooperation to process your payment account. If you are unable to do so and result in a transaction delay. Thaizzle is not responsible for any loss or damage that occurred as a result of the delay.

                        20.9      You acknowledge and agree that we are not a bank or money transfer agent. and the services we provide to you in connection with your payment account, It is not considered to be a banking or money transfer service. We do not operate as a asset custodian. The trustee or an intermediary takes care of the benefits related to your payment account.

                        20.10    We can report any suspicious actions related to your payment account to the relevant authorities.

                        20.11    For the use of your payment account, you must not provide fraudulent information, Inaccurate, or false and use your payment account for illegal activity.

20.12    Use your payment account in a way that may result in a complaint, disputes, Claims for damages, Fines or other liabilities to us, other users or third parties or it could be considered a misuse of the card system for transactions or is a violation of the rules of the network or the group of cards used in.

20.13    Violate these Terms and Conditions and/or privacy policy or violate applicable laws and regulations.

20.14    In our sole discretion, If we believe that you are participating in the above prohibited acts. We can use various operations,Including this following as below:

            20.14.1.) We may cancel these Terms and Conditions and refuse to provide service to you.

20.14.2.) We can take legal action against you.

20.15    You agree that you are responsible for all risks arising from using of your payment account.

20.16    We do not guarantee that: This payment account will be according to your requirements , there will be no disruption, In time or without mistakes or product Information or materials purchased using a payment account will meet your needs.

20.17    In the event that it can be shown that you are under 20 years of age when you accept these terms and conditions. We are not responsible for any losses you suffer which due to the use of this payment account.


21. Price of the product.

21.1.  The price of the product is the price that the seller of the product and services published for a certain period of time, may can change, you must contact the seller of the product or service before trading.

21.2 Tax: All posted prices are subject to tax. Unless otherwise specified.


22. Questions and complaints

If you have any questions or complaints, please contact Thaizzle. By using the "Contact Us" page on the platform . Thaizzle will liaise with the seller regarding your questions and complaints.


            23. Limitation of Liability

            23.1      Exclusion of liability: Thaisel shall not be liable to you for any losses or howsoever caused by any means, either directly or indirectly from (Regardless of what kind of action it is).


24. Customer responsible.

            24.1.     The Customer acknowledges and agrees that:

                        24.1.1.) The customer will not use the service or allow to use the service, such a way that could adversely affect to other customers' services using and/or any other services provided to customers as appropriately prescribed by Thaizzle. 

                        24.1.2.) Such services are provided to customers "as is".

                        24.1.3.) The Customer is responsible for requesting access to the services and complying with the Terms of Service.

                        24.1.4.) Use of the Services is accepted in accordance with this Terms.

                        24.1.5.) The Customer is responsible for all information submitted, send or other arrangements during using the service.

                        24.1.6.) The Customer is responsible for all transactions performed by the Services relating to the Customer's account.

                        24.1.7.) Thaizzle is not responsible for any credit card or online top-up transactions. that perform services and any mistake in payment processing, Payment dispute and / or any other matter in related with the payment of this service. Customers must contact directly with their issuing bank.

                        24.1.8.) Thaizzle may require customers to submit information from time to time in accordance with the Services. (This may include financial information and credit card details) and Thaizzle may provide such information and details (Under the duty of confidentiality) to a third party for the benefit of facilitating this service.

                        24.1.9.) Customers are required to comply with all applicable laws while using the Service.

                        24.1.10.) Thaizzle does not provide guarantees and certifications, warranty toAny terms, conditions or promises whether explicitly or implicitly , it is legal or something else or affirmative or warranties arising from the use or normal use, tradition or trade.  or by the consequences of the law, including (but not limited to) Sequence, originality, accuracy, completeness, preciseness, timing, currency, Infringement of rights commercial benefits or suitability for specific purposes related to the Services.


25. Service availability

            25.1.     The Customer acknowledges that the service is subject to the following conditions.

                        25.1.2.) The customer agrees that Thaizzle is not responsible to the customer for the loss, damage, claims or compensation, in any manner arising out of or in connection with the services ,Including but not limited to, Allegations of unauthorized transactions , Disruption ,Mistake, Defects , deficient, or unavailable of service, Data loss or damage to any customer's mobile device. Thaizzle doesn't guarantee performance and capabilities of website  www.thaizzle.com and/or mobile applications THAIZZLE service and / or software or hardware used with the service or any application that customers access through the website www.thaizzle.com and / or mobile applications Thaizzle  and / or service.

25.1.3.) Customer accepts and acknowledges that Thaizzle may suspend, cancel, and/or stop providing services and/or stop customers from accessing the services or any part of the services at any time at our sole and absolute discretion, without prior notice and without notice in advance and without any liability to the customer.


26. Use and Disclosure of Information.

26.1      The Customer agrees to allow Thaizzle to disclose any information or information provided by the customer in Privacy Policy of  www.thaizzle.com .The Customer has the right to revoke such consent by following the procedures prescribed by Thaizzle.


27. Notice

            27.1 Our Notice

                        27.1.1) You agree that any notice or other communication From us will be considered delivered to you if: (1) Communicate via publication or electronic media as we choose from time to time will be deemed to have been informed to you at the time of publication or notification, or (2) Send by mail or leave at your last address as we know it as you received on the date after sending or on the date of such deposit .

                        27.1.2)  Notice from you , You may send us a written notice that will be sent to the address or email address as we have specified.(As may be amended from time to time) and we will assume that we have received it when we receive it. Although we will make every effort to respond promptly to notices from you but we cannot guarantee that we will respond with a consistent speed at all times.


28. Advertisers

            28.1      You can only advertise current property for sale or rent. Cancellation or removal of advertisements is at the sole discretion of Thaizzle. (Advertising costs will not be refunded).

            28.2      You must guarantee that the ad is free of content, use of location, which illegal  ,include denigrate, Defamation or deception of others.

            28.3      If you post an advertisement for a list of assets on this website, you must strictly follow the following guidelines as below:

                        28.3.1) Advertising properties for sale and rent in Thaizzle, Thaizzle is not a real estate broker. Details of the assets on this website are provided by third parties, including brokers, owners or property developers who are not from Thaizzle. 

                        28.3.2.)    Thaizzle does not guarantee accuracy or completeness.

28.3.3.) Users of this website must check the information yourself and don't overly trust the details of the advertisement.

28.3.3.) Thaizzle will verify the license numbers of all real estate brokerages before allowing them to advertise on the site.


29. Motor Type

            As a user of the Website, you must not offer to sell any kind of vehicles, motor vehicles or motorcycles ("vehicles"). At:

29.1      Outside of Thailand, unless you able to prove ownership of the vehicle upon request.

29.2      That cannot be sold immediately.

29.3      That is not described in detail correctly by the category in which it was advertised.

29.4      That you do not own or in all other cases in which you have no right to sell.

29.5      Without the actual and accurate pricing of the vehicle, as shown in the details.

            We may ask you to provide proof of ownership and that vehicle. If you are unable to provide the requested evidence or documents Within 24 hours, we may remove any ads / related content without prior notice and refunds will not be provided.


30. Record phone conversations for real estate brokers

Real estate that is permitted (brokers)  to be advertised on our website which is a member of Thaizzlel, there are various phone numbers, Thaizzle must record the conversation in automation for the purpose of improving quality And training to develop the capabilities of Thaizzle ,You will allow us to record that call without notifying you.

31. Seeking for employees /Find for the job

            31.1      Thaizzle is not responsible for information posted by job seekers. As for their required tasks or in their history.

            31.2      Finding employees from the resume file is the first step to helping searchers meet their needs. By checking the profile through our database.  However, some applicants may have exact qualifications or may not match your needs. 

            31.3      Any fees paid are non-refundable when the package is used.


            31.4      The duration of the seeker's resume applicant history cannot be extended.