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November 09, 2023 News

Announcement of motorcycle for sale!

Announcement of motorcycle for sale!


Thaizzle invites you to advertise motorcycles for sale, all models, all brands, for free! 🛵

Don't miss the opportunity to buy and sell motorcycles with the Thaizzle application. Find the products you want and sell your motorcycle easily. With modern and complete applications

🏍️ Come drive safely and confidently. Far from accidents

7 basic principles of safe driving ✅


1. Study the route well. before leaving

2. Check the condition of the car and tire pressure before leaving.

3. Wear your seat belt. or wear a helmet every time

4. Do not drive faster than the legal limit.

5. Do not use your phone while driving.

6. Don't drink and drive, don't drive if you're drowsy.

7. Check the expiration date. Both Insurance Act and other insurance